Uganda Travel Journal

Especially on extended trips, looking through a thoughtfully kept travel journal is one of my favourite things to look back on when I return home! Its a wonderful way to keep track of all your thoughts and little keepsakes, as well as to look back and remember how you felt at the beginning of a trip verses the end. I’m so glad I took the time each day while travelling to write in my travel journal. It’s also something I really enjoy and look forward to doing at the end of a long, exciting day!

For my two-week trip to Uganda, I used a classic black Moleskine Journal, softcover with lined pages. Before I left, I added a calendar with the dates of my entire trip. The blue highlighter marks the length of the entire trip, and the yellow the dates in that particular journal. I also added an encouraging scripture at the front.


The main aim for me is to keep a journal, and then I collect any papers I receive and add them in. things like receipts, business card, brochures, and stickers. Sometimes if I haven’t gotten any receipts or business cards, I’ll buy a postcard or a sticker from a specific place to be able to add.


I always try to keep all my plane tickets, baggage tags, and any other paper I get to add to the journal. For each days heading, I put the date, the main activity, and the ‘day’ (for example if I’m on day 12 of a 21 day trip.) I use the washi tape as a way to underline and to create a bit of empty space on these pages. I like there to be definitive breaks between the days and also the blank space make it look more clean and less busy.


I would also use washi tape as a divider between different events on the same day.



On my last day, my class drew me pictures and wrote me notes. Because this was a short trip, and I had set aside the entire journal for Uganda, I was able to glue all of their drawings and notes inside. It took up several pages!


I also always like to keep a small denomination of the local currency to add to the journal.

I flew directly from Uganda to South Africa, and started a new journal when I arrived in South Africa. Typically the morning I wake up to fly to a place is considered ‘day 1’ of that trip, so the morning I woke up in Uganda and went to the airport is in my South Africa Journal.


My supplies: 

– Moleskine Journal

– Black staedtler pen

– Purple staedtler pen

– Washi tape (I usually choose two or three specific to each country I’m visiting) for Uganda I had two.

– Glue stick

– Glue runner

– Scissors

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