China Travel Journal

I spent the last 10 days of a three month trip in China! I flew from Cape Town, South Africa to Beijing, China. I like to keep a different journal for each country on trips like this, so the morning I woke up in Cape Town and headed to the airport was the beginning of my ‘trip to China’ and I started the journal there. I love looking back at a thoughtfully kept travel journal! This trip in particular was difficult because I was so tired at the end of each day. It was difficult to add to the journal each night but I’m so glad I did. Another issue I encountered, because I was on a group tour, often times our tickets were included in the cost so our guide would buy one for the group and would have to keep it for the office records. I either would ask to keep a copy, and he would rip off the receipt portion, or on a couple of occasions I opted to buy my own ticket as well (they were less than $10 CAD) and I really did like to keep them.


Similar to Uganda, I had the entire journal for a ten day trip so I was glad to have the freedom to use entire pages for different tickets and receipts and not worry at all about having enough space. At this point, my glue runner had run out so thankfully I had packed glue sticks as well.


I loved seeing the Chinese characters on the receipts and kept a lot of them! I also keep the luggage tags from my flights to add in.


Because I couldn’t understand the receipts most of the time, I would use my purple pen to write what the receipt was for at the top of the page.


For this trip I had two washi tapes that I really liked the look of together, so for sub-headings I would use a half strip of one, and a quarter strip of the other to have both without taking up a lot of space. I’m very happy with the way this one turned out! Now that I’m home, I love to flip through it and be reminded of some of the little moments in the trip I would otherwise forget.


Large black moleskine journal, soft cover

Black Staedtler pen

Purple Staedtler pen

Glue stick

Glue runner


Two patterned washi tapes

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