I’ve made this page for my family and friends. After graduation in April of 2014, I decided to take some time off to travel and explore. On this blog I have been archiving my trip and sharing some of my favourite stories!

The trip:

MAINE, USA: June to August 2014

working at an all girls camp for the summer!

ISRAEL (with Jordan & Egypt): September to November 2014

Volunteering at a guesthouse in Nazareth// Travelling and exploring the rest of the country!

UGANDA: February 2015

Volunteering at a primary school in Mukono. Travelled directly from Uganda to South Africa.

SOUTH AFRICA (with Botswana & Zimbabwe): February to April 2015

Going on Safari in Botswana and Kruger Park, seeing Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, travelling overland from Johannesburg, along the coast to Cape Town! Volunteering at a daycare (creche) in Cape Town for one month while sightseeing and exploring, one week off in Cape Town to travel// attend and volunteer at Hillsong Colour Conference! Travelled directly from South Africa to China.

CHINA: April 2015

Joined a tour hiking different sections of the Great Wall of China each day!

MAINE, USA: June to August 2015

Returned to work at an all girls camp for the summer!

EUROPE: September and October 2015

England with my dad, a day in Paris, England with my Cape Town Girls, Switzerland and Austria with Vanessa, Rovaniemi Finland to see the Northern Lights!

Pamela Green

Keep in touch with me:

EMAIL: pamgreen577@gmail.com

SKYPE: pamela.green60

INSTAGRAM: @pamgreen577

YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4rt-llLYZ86TTuvZ6eHReg

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