England with My dad! (& a day in Paris)

I’m back on the blog! After getting home from China, I was working in Maine for the summer- but now am BACK with a new blog about my trip to Europe! This trip was essentially four parts; England with my dad, London with the girls I lived with in Cape Town, Switzerland with Vanessa, and Finland to see the Northern Lights.

England with my dad:

My dad and I flew out together and arrived in London on September 24th! My dad has never been big on travelling, but has always wanted to see England, where his family is from. While I was planning my travel year full of dreams come true, high on my list was making my dads travel dream come true as well! For this part of the trip he got his first passport. We explored the HMS Victory, a ship used in the battle of Trafalgar (right up my dads alley) , the Museum of the Order of St. John, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and the typical sights of London. I fell in love with afternoon tea, and we had it almost every day.




On the second day I got a touch of food poisoning, which is my least favourite while travelling but luckily it only lasted 24 hours.. to be followed directly by a cold. I was indignant thinking that I don’t typically get sick while I travel, but looking back I have actually gotten sick quite often while travelling. In typical style, I’m not one to waste precious time, especially when this was my dads first time really leaving Canada, we wanted to make the most of it!

On one of our days in London, I was able to fly to Paris to visit my friend Katie who is studying there. My dad took the day to go back to see the HMS Victory. It was so cute seeing Katie, eating crepes and croissants, and laying out by the Eiffel tower! I’m also glad it worked out so well, because I changed my Paris plans last minute to go in the middle of my stay in England, rather than at the end of my stay in Europe.




The best decision I could have made.


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