CAPE TOWN WEEK 4: Taking the Good with the Bad

Easter Monday

Today, after lounging in the morning my housemates and I went to the V & A Waterfront and rented bikes! We got these cute little blue cruisers and made our way along the coast from V & A to Green Point where we stopped to have a picnic. It was so fun, and relaxed and perfect for Easter Monday!



As we made our way back to return the bikes, we saw a school of dolphins in the harbor! It was incredible! We had lounged for longer than we thought so by this time it was close to sunset. We decided to drive up Signal Hill to have a beautiful view of sunset over the ocean. It seemed everyone else had this idea as well, because parking was a zoo! It’s a two lane road and people had parked all along the one side, so once you got to the top and realized there was no parking, it was almost impossible to get down. To top it off, two tour busses had come up making it infinitely worse! I dropped some of the girls at the top, and was able to make my way down the hill to park before walking back up and meeting the girls for sunset. It was worth all the effort. The clouds were turning cotton candy pink and purple, there was a beautiful view of Robben Island, and it was a fantastic way to end such a beautiful day with my housemates!




Today we went back to the daycare after being away for what seemed like forever! We hung out with the babes, and came home!

This evening I went to Connect Group with other young people from Hillsong church. It was very fun getting to chat with everyone and meet some more people from Cape Town.

We left around 10pm, and were all getting into our cars when everyone started walking back to see one girl. I parked my car and got out. Turns out, while we were inside Amy’s car had been broken into. We of course all waited with her while she waited for her dad to come. The thieves pulled out her stereo and a bag from the trunk with all her school books. While we waited, a homeless man and woman came up to talk to us. They were on the other side of the street so half of our group went over and half stayed with Amy and the car. They said something to the effect of ‘it was some guys about an hour ago.’ We didn’t believe them.

Amy’s dad arrived and it turns out he is a pastor who works in prisons so he was not at all put off! He ran over to where the homeless couple was and talked to them. Some of our guys went as well to back him up. Her dad came back with the guy and had him go through his bag, then they both got into his car and drove off! Turns out he took the guy to the police station to give a statement.

While we were waiting for her dad to get back, I found out they were not in fact a homeless couple, but a prostitute and her pimp. (I was specifically shocked because we seemed to be in an ok neighbourhood!) She was across the street from us and we watched on as a white BMW pulled up, picked her up, and drove off. That was too much for me. There were about five people still with Amy so I decided to go home. I cried the whole way.

I didn’t make it home until after 11pm (unheard of for me!) The lights were off in my room but my housemates were all awake and concerned. I told them what had happened and they were just as shocked as I was, and just as glad that I was home.

Through the whole thing, I’m amazed at the sense of community I feel even though I’ve only been here for just a short time. How we ALL waited with Amy, how the guys walked up with her dad, and how my housemates were awake waiting for me to get home safe. Even though I am on this trip by myself, I don’t feel alone which is really incredible. That was probably the hardest night of the trip for me. I know that Cape Town, despite its beauty has some rough areas and people in desperate situations but this is the first time I have experienced it first hand, and I wasn’t ready for it. I also know that the things that break you often lead you to your calling. Praise the Lord, everyone made it home safe.


Another day at daycare! I went in late because I didn’t sleep very well and had to go into the shop to get more data on my phone. I was happy to be with my babies because they make me happy!






This evening, my housemates and I went to Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens to watch an outdoor movie! It was so beautiful! The garden was lovely, and we arrived just before sunset. We set up our blankets and rented some chairs. Beautiful flowers surrounded us with the mountain as our backdrop. We watched Bridget Jones’s Diary under the stars!




Today we went into the daycare, played with the babes, and then went to Canal Walk to have our last dinner together as a group! Antje and I made photo collages to give to our classes with pictures we had taken with the babes.


Today was my last day at the day care so I hugged my favourites a little longer and held them a little tighter. A lot of times when the volunteers leave they bring sweets or bake. I am against that mostly because I have a ton of kids with black/ missing teeth because they’re not brushed and eat too much sugar to begin with. I decided to face paint instead! All the girls were butterflies and the boys were lions. They were so cute! The schedule is, singing, play inside, snack, play outside, lunch, nap. We fed them lunch and I hugged them each as they went down for their naps. That would be my last time to see them and I was getting very sad! Especially when I hugged my happy Zara! Jozi and I waited outside for Antje who is in another class. My teacher gave me the handprint-Africa the kids made me and I started to cry! It was so thoughtful! I got cards form the teachers and a certificate from the office with an open invitation to come back. I will definitely use it.

I packed up my things and went into town for my last week in Cape Town!

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