Easter Weekend in Cape Town!

This week at the daycare was relatively uneventful, I love hanging out with the kids and seeing them each day. It often is exhausting and loud but they’re very very cute!

Thursday: Into town and meeting Ben Brown!

This morning I actually had a not so good time at daycare. While the kids played outside before lunch I saw three kids who were leaking through their diapers onto their clothes. I sent them inside to the teacher to get their diapers changed, thinking maybe they hadn’t noticed. The teacher came out to where I was sitting and said something along the lines of “why are you sending them inside? We know we need to change them but we’re busy right now.” I felt like she had slapped my hand away from the cookie jar! Point being, I was a bit upset and sour about it for the rest of the afternoon. We had already planned to leave early, but had we not, I would have. I kept telling myself, ‘they’re doing the best they can’.

I packed up and drove into town (BLESS) I stay in a neighbourhood called the Gardens, which is right in the centre of town with a beautiful view of Table Mountain in the back garden. I was SO happy to be away from Grassy Park! I hadn’t left to do anything fun since the previous weekend and it had been too long! Especially after feeling like I got told off by the teacher today.

I lounged in the back garden, enjoying proper Internet, then decided to drive up to Camps Bay beach to watch the sunset over the water. I arrived early and sat on the beach, taking photos and watching dogs and kids run around near by. The waves were huge! There is a cool silence right before a big wave crashes and thunders! It was stunning.




About Ben Brown: When I knew I was coming to Cape Town, I looked on YouTube for videos of other people travelling there. I found Ben Brown’s YouTube channel. He is from England, living in Cape Town and does quite a lot of travelling around the world. He makes a daily video about his life and his travels. I have been watching his videos since about January. He is a filmmaker// photographer so has a really cool Instagram account as well. The day I met him, he had 343K Instagram followers and 320K YouTube subscribers. His girlfriend Nicole, and his Land Rover ‘Pumba’ are in his videos a lot!

After sunset, I was walking back to my car, and saw a Land Rover that I was pretty sure was Pumba parked. I stopped, and at first just took a photo of it planning to look in the videos to see if it actually was his car. Then I though maybe I’d just wait there to see if he came by, but thought that would be weird, then I decided I’d just walk down the beach and see if I saw him. As I waited to cross the street I saw Ben and Nicole sitting on a blanket just on the edge of the beach! I was surprised at how excited I got! I walked up and he was vlogging, so I asked if I could come and say hello! They got up and said hi, I told them about my trip and where I’m from, then Nicole offered to take a photo of us. I said goodnight and headed back to my guesthouse SO HAPPY! Especially after feeling a bit glum all afternoon it was so nice to run into both of them!



Friday: Hillsong Church & Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden

This morning, I went to Hillsong Church for Good Friday service. I was sent up the road to overflow parking, where shuttle busses took us from the parking lot to the church (shock). I ran into Mikayla, who I met on my first Sunday at church, so I sat with her and some of her friends. It was a quick, beautiful service about ‘what would you sacrifice for love? And how Jesus sacrificed it all.


I stopped over at the mall (to get the photo of Ben and I printed) and had some lunch before going to Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden. It’s called ‘the most beautiful garden in Africa’ and is nestled on the backside of Table Mountain. I walked through the garden, most of the flowers were white or purple (my favourite) There’s a tree top canopy walkway which is a walkway// bridge about 11 meters high that you can walk along and see the garden from above. It was really beautiful!




There were many families there, having picnics and hanging out, which was admittedly, making me a bit homesick. Nevertheless, I had a book and my journal with me so I sat at Kirstenbosch enjoying how beautiful it was, journaling and reading. It actually got a bit chilly so I headed back to my guesthouse.


Saturday: Old Biscuit Mill & Two Oceans Aquarium

This morning I met my housemates at the Old Biscuit Mill, where the Neighbourgoods Market is held every Saturday. The eggs benedict stall I loved wasn’t there, so I tried basically everything else! We walked around for a couple of hours, looking at the stalls, and eating! It was drizzling// raining all morning and wasn’t expected to stop, so instead of driving through Franschhoek (one of the wine towns) we all decided to go to Two Oceans Aquarium at the V & A Waterfront.


We were able to see the penguin feeding and see sharks up close in the predator’s tank. We walked around the waterfront and saw there was a performance on the outdoor stage that afternoon. It was a bit chilli, so we got some hot chocolate and popcorn and stayed for the Wear South African Fashion Show, followed by a performance by Jimmy Nevis, a singer// songwriter from Cape Town. It was actually very fun! The day turned out really well despite the rain, and the sun came out in the afternoon.


Sunday: EASTER AT HILLSONG CHURCH & Ratanga Junction Theme Park

This morning I went to the 10am service at Hillsong. It was packed! Again, I was sent to the overflow parking lot and shuttled to the church. I was of course early, so when the early service got let out, I got a front row seat up in the balcony. It was very special to celebrate Easter at such a cool church! My housemates came to the 11:30am service so I saved us seats and stayed for that service with them.


Right next to the church is a theme park called Ratanga Junction. Often times driving in the area we see the roller coaster running and it looked so fun! After church we all walked over to go to the park. Unfortunately we were disappointed. It was open, but was very small and run down. We went on the roller coaster which was fun but our heads banged around in the harness. My ears are still sore!

After a few rides, the girls and I split up, and I went to Canal Walk (the mall) to run some errands. I set the GPS to take me home, but as I passed Hillsong, people were arriving for the 5pm service, I debated quickly whether or not I should go back, I didn’t have plans after all and it is Easter! I ended up passing the turn in the roundabout, then changing my mind and looping all the way around to go to church! Because I was a bit early, I could park in the regular parking lot (bless) The evening services are completely different than the morning! The band is different and plays different songs, and the set up was different because this evening they were doing baptisms. I was glad I went!

I left a bit early to avoid the crowds and booked it to Clifton Beach to catch the sunset! I pulled up on the side of a hill and took in the stunning colour’s of the clouds as the sun set! I made it back to my room and was able to Skype with some of my family back home as well! It was a beautiful Easter Sunday!



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