Arriving in Cape Town!

On Sunday, we drove from Outdshoorn to Cape Town. It was so beautiful driving through the mountains, and then suddenly Table Mountain appeared! It felt like the first day of my trip all over again.

We arrived at about 3pm. Technically, the tour ends Monday morning, but I am volunteering again through Love Volunteers and had to leave as soon as we arrived for orientation.

Before I left on this trip, I found and registered for the Colour Conference at Hillsong Church in Cape Town. I’m so excited to be here for so long to be able to attend Hillsong each week! I didn’t know my arrival time so didn’t think I could make it to church this week BUT they have a 6:30pm service! I arrived at my guesthouse at about 3:30pm and asked if they had laundry. They didn’t. At this point, I had literally NO CLEAN CLOTHES! My option would be a one-piece bathing suit and track pants. I really wanted to attend church that day so I did the only thing I could do, went shopping!

It was a ten-minute power walk to the V&A Waterfront Mall. The waterfront itself is stunning but I was in a bit of a rush! I found a cute little store, bought an outfit (didn’t even try it on!) and booked it back to my guesthouse to get ready. Miraculously, I was ready by 5:30pm, and was able to call a taxi to take me.


I was so excited! I’ve grown up listening to Hillsong music and this was my first time attending one of their churches. It was big and beautiful and the guest service desk had ‘welcome home’ written in huge letters! It was such a relief, after such a long and trying week to be so comfortable and happy to have arrived in Cape Town, and to be able to start getting plugged into community on my first day!

I was welcomed by a girl named Mikayla, who invited me to sit with her and her friends. It was just good fun! I came back, and had dinner then went to bed so happy and excited for my time in Cape Town!

I will be here for five weeks, volunteering for four, and I have a week off at the end when I hope to do some travelling, plus volunteering at/ attending the Colour Conference at Hillsong!


My first few days I had some running around to do. I made it to my homestay in the Southern Suburbs. Cape Town is HUGE! Where I’m living is a bit far from the city centre, and Hillsong Church so I decided to rent a car. I’ll be honest, I was TERRIFIED driving on the left for the first time! Luckily I adjusted more quickly than expected.


I had my first day at the daycare (crèche) and the babies are so cute! I’m in the class with two and three year olds. Basically the roll of the volunteers is to be extra eyes and arms, helping with snack and playtime outside. My favourite is a little girl named Zara who cries ALL THE TIME unless she’s being held.

That night I attended an open night at Hillsong Evening College where Pastor Andrew Kubala was visiting from Australia to speak on healing. One of my housemates came as well.


At the project, we have a two hour break while the babies are napping. Since I have a vehicle now, the volunteers I live with and I spent our break at Muizenberg Beach!


On Fridays, we finish at noon. I booked a room in the city to spend the weekend. This was my first opportunity to go sight seeing in Cape Town and I was thrilled! My guesthouse had the most incredible view of Table Mountain and is in the best location!


When I arrived, the mountain was clear, so I dropped off my things, and drove up to take the cable car to the top of Table Mountain. As I drove, I could see the clouds blowing over (blocking the view from the top). I decided to go up anyways, and I’m glad I did! It looked really cool all covered in clouds! There were breaks where I could see the city which was absolutely stunning. I bought a postcard looking at Table Mountain, and asked where it was taken, the woman told me Blouberg Beach so I decided to drive over! Probably not the best idea, Friday at rush hour, but I made it! The mountain was shrouded in clouds and looked really incredible.



I drove back, sat in the back garden reading, relaxing, and taking in the view.


Today, I explored the V & A Waterfront, ate breakfast in the market, rode the Ferris wheel, looked around Victoria Wharf Mall, then made my way to Robben Island Museum. I took the ferry over to Robben Island and took a bus tour, and then a walking tour of the prison. Our guide through the prison was actually incarcerated their in the 1980’s for being affiliated with the ANC, Nelson Mandela’s political group. It was a very humbling experience.



Usually, Mandela’s cell is locked and visitors are able to look through and see it. We ended up being behind a ‘special tour’ from Howard University in the US, who were able to go into the cell, and they left it open for us as well!

From there, I took the ferry back to the mainland, had some dinner a the waterfront, and went back to my beautiful view of table mountain.


Sunday morning, I checked out and met some of my housemates at 6:45am to go hike Lions Head! We started up and after a few minutes saw the sunrise over the mountain! We hiked so early to avoid the heat and I’m glad we did. The first half of the hike was easy, but the second half was more vertical, climbing up rocks, using chains and footholds drilled into the mountain. It was tiring, but incredible! The sea mist (like clouds) hung over the ocean, but we had a beautiful view of Table Mountain! This is more what I was expecting from Cape Town, seeing Table Mountain from EVERYWHERE (I cant see it from where I live.)




We hiked back down, and drove home to the Southern Suburbs to take a nap! Around lunch time we went back into town, explored Green Market Square, and spent the afternoon lounging at Camp’s Bay Beach. The ocean on one side, and the mountains on the other, it’s one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever been to.


The girls wanted to come to Hillsong with me so we drove from the beach, stopping at Canal Walk Mall before hand, then went to church! Two volunteers in a golf cart offered us a ride to the front door, ushers in the parking lot were dancing and pointing the way. Just so fun!



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