An update from Uganda

Over the weekend, a volunteer named Betsy arrived from Montana. She has been to Uganda several time and is back to check on her eight sponsor children! I was able to go with her and my hosts to visit the family of one of those children. We drove to a village about an hour away. The family home was set up with several huts in a semi circle, one for the grandmother, and each of her sons and their families. Betsy had brought some gifts for a girl named Joan (pronounced Joanne) which the whole family gathered around to open. Then we drove with Joan to her school to pay her fees for the year. It was so great to be a part of! This is what I hope to be able to do with Jackline in the coming years.



On Sunday I attended church with my host family. On the way we passes Watoto Church and I wish I was staying another week so I would be able to attend! Their is a large Indian population in Uganda, and my host family attends an Indian church. After service we were served tea and my host siblings bought samosas and we ate them on the grass. My host is a doctor and after the service they open a clinic to serve the area. I hung around with the kids while he worked. They also had a blood donation truck set up that day. Alice explained to me that when you donate, you are given a record, then if you or your family members ever need blood, you will be served first. An interesting concept and incentive to give.

After we left, we went to pick up Jackline and drop her at her new school! Her aunt had taken her to get her hair cut so we met them there then drove to school together. We met the teacher and the matron. when we went into her room, two girls jumped up to help her make her bed and put away her things. It seems she won’t have trouble making friends! The teacher went through her things and made sure she had everything she needed and then we left her. I felt so proud! I’m so excited to hear about her progress!


This is her dorm at school, and the matron in her room.

Now I am back at Lwanyonyi Primary School. I don’t know if it’s because the teacher is used to me, or if the kids are being particularly difficult but my teacher has been very liberal with hitting the kids in class. I figured it would be accepted here but it still shocks me every time. Today it is actually pretty cold! It rained over night and into the day. I am wearing a sweater and wish I had a jacket! Since it is cloudy, the classroom is actually very dark. There is no electricity in the school which usually doesn’t matter but is noticeable today.


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