I have arrived in Uganda! Since, I’ve been slacking on the blog, I’ll recap how I got here. I left Saturday February 7th at 11:20am, I had a quick layover in Ethiopia before arriving in Entebbe Uganda on Sunday February 8th at about 2pm (Uganda time). I am volunteering here through Love Volunteers for two weeks before flying to South Africa.

My host Bazil was waiting for me at the airport with a sign that said my name. His wife and four kids were waiting in the car. They are lovely. We stopped to get some snacks and water then drove the 60km from the airport to their house just outside of Mukono. While I was so excited to see Uganda, I kept dozing off in the car.

The house is in a cute little village thats everything you think of when you picture Uganda or Africa. The red dirt roads, adorable children waving at me, and animals roaming around. Unfortunately this also includes a latrine for a toilet and a bucket for a shower but it’s only day two and I think I’ve adjusted quite well!


There is another volunteer here named Kate, from Australia. I am volunteering at a primary school while I am here. Today I was in the Primary 4 class, which is the equivalent to grade 4 in Canada.


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