Vega Reunion: NYC

One of the things I was excited about when I decided to come home from Israel early is that I would be able to attend the Camp Vega Reunion in New York City on Sunday November 9th. Getting back on September 5th, it was going to be a little bit tight, but these are the types of trips I love!

Saturday November 8th, since I was still jet lagged, I was able to go to bed at 6pm and my alarm went off at 11pm. I got ready and left just after midnight to drive two hours to Buffalo, where I would fly to NYC. I arrived at the airport three hours early. Security wasn’t even open yet. Since it was a domestic flight, three hours is way overkill but I prefer to be early than to be worried about being late.

I got to JFK at 7am and was in Manhattan by 8am. I stopped for breakfast then went to the reunion at 10:30am. It was in a cute little loft all painted white. As the girls started to arrive I got more and more excited! Five of my ten campers were there and it was so good to see them! I also got to hang out with some sub juniors and juniors from other bunks. We hung out, then watched the 2014 yearbook.


Afterwards, several of the girls and their moms and I went out to lunch. It was fun to hang out with them! I realize how great it is at camp not having screens! The girls all had cell phones and iPads! So crazy (since they’re eight!)

From there I said goodbye (for now) and walked through Central Park. It was so beautiful in the fall! I went to Top of the Rock at Rockefeller Centre where there is a stunning view of the park on one side and the Empire State Building on the other side. I walked back towards Penn Station and had dinner, then took a shuttle back to JFK.


I flew/ drove home and made it back by 2am. The whole time I was jamming to Beyonce’s live concert album to help keep me awake! It was a long day (26 hours!) but so fun.


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