HOME: Why I cut my trip short

Today was my last day in Israel, and I have been very reflective on this ‘trip of a lifetime’ of mine. Originally my trip was supposed to last three months, having me home in the middle of December. After being here for about a week, even when everything was still new, and fresh, and exciting, I found myself really homesick. This is a trip I have been excited for since I can remember, and while it has been absolutely amazing- I really missed my home.

I found that after what was really just a short time of being settled in Nazareth, ‘travel’ started to feel a lot like real life. I went to ‘work’, did my laundry, bought groceries, and cleaned the house. While I wanted to really experience the place I was visiting, I felt like I could get the experience I was after in a shorter time and go back to living my ‘real life’ at home.

This being said, for my first ever trip abroad I feel like two months is still a heck of a long time! I was able to check some incredible things off my bucket list, like being baptized in the Jordan River, exploring the places Jesus lived and taught, ‘living’ in another country (if only for a short time) and I also met some amazing people.

I’m coming home having visited two continents (three if you include my layover in Poland) and really proven that I can do whatever I set my mind to. Going into this trip, I had no idea what to expect or how I would feel. While some might think cutting an extended trip short is a ‘failure’, I am so excited to be boarding a plane in a few hours and am very much looking forward to being back in my own bed! I experienced everything I wanted to on this part of the trip, and more! Sticking out the three months despite wanting to go home just to ‘prove something’ would have been a bigger failure for me.


Thank you Israel for an incredible time!


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