Scuba diving with dolphins!

I had been up in the air as to whether or not I wanted to try scuba diving on this trip. It was not something I had come with the intention of trying and as it is a bit expensive, I didn’t know if it would be worth it for me to go. After going to coral beach to snorkel and seeing so many people there scuba diving I though it was definitely something I wanted to experience while in Eilat.

I found Dolphin Reef, where you can scuba dive in the Red Sea in their dolphin enclosure WITH THE DOLPHINS! I thought that would be extremely cool so I decided to sign up. I went this morning and was scheduled for the first dive of the day. Since it was my first ever dive, I was with my instructor Barack the whole time. Before we even went under water a dolphin swam right beside us! They kept swimming up to us. Barack pet one who was with us for quite a while! There was also beautiful coral and so many different fish swimming around. It was really incredible. Unfortunately I couldn’t bring my camera in the water (it’s not allowed) but they had photographers taking photos that I was able to buy. They came on a cute little dolphin USB that I thought was really cool!



I spent the afternoon lounging in my room and getting ready because tonight I leave for my day trip to Egypt and the Pyramids!


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