We left bright and early for a two day tour to Jordan! A couple who was on the desert jeep tour that I went on a few days before was also on this tour, which was nice to (kind of) know someone who was going.

We crossed the border into Jordan. We were escorted by our driver, our wonderful guide Rania, and a tourist police officer. Our first stop was Jerash, a city of ruins which was so stunning! From there we went to Amman and visited the Citadel (more ruins) and then drove from there to a Bedouin Camp in the desert just outside Petra to spend the night. This camp was stunning. We arrived after dark and the hill behind the camp was all lit up with hundreds of lights spread all along the front! The tents were actually so cozy and warm! They even had electricity. We ate and then went to our respective tents. I had made fast friends with Katherine from France who is my age, and we ended up rooming together. I’ve done a lot of cool things on this trip, but this was definitely the coolest.

IMG_3675 IMG_3707 IMG_3726

Unfortunately, despite my good sleep in the tent, I woke up and the cold I had been fighting hit me full force. I was too busy being excited to go to Petra to take much notice! We drove to Petra and some of us took a horse part of the way. We met the rest of the group and walked through a huge gorge. The colours were unbelievable!

IMG_3833 IMG_3885 IMG_4012

We got to the treasury and I was in awe! It was so big and beautiful! I rode my first camel just for a few minutes in front of the treasury and had a blast! We continued walking and ended the official Petra tour at the amphitheater, but Rania offered to take some of us on an off road hike. We legitimately hiked up rocks and saw the most amazing view of the theatre! It was so much fun. It ended up being me, my new friend Katherine, and the couple I had met on my jeep tour with our Guide Rania, our police officer and another woman. We all had a blast exploring where there were no other people!

From there we drove back to the border and crossed into Israel where it was just a short ride back to Jerusalem.


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