Camel Tour & Snorkelling in the Red Sea

I left Jerusalem and took the bus to Eilat. My first day, I spent the morning at north beach on the Red Sea, reading my bible, eating breakfast, and lounging. In the afternoon I went to Eilat Camel Ranch and took a desert tour. I met a sweet woman from NYC named Lanie. We had the best time! We rode our camels (mine was named Gal) through the desert, and up hills. We stopped on one and could see Jordan and Egypt. So crazy! We walked our camels down the hill then rode them further to a campspot. Our guided made tea over a fire and pita bread FROM SCRATCH (straight up flour and water mixed in a bowl and prepared on a stone in the desert) it was so cool! And so delicious! As we sat and ate and drank, the sun was setting. We laid down and watched the first starts come out, then rode back to the ranch by starlight. I am falling in love with the desert because this is another day that tops my list of coolest experiences on this trip!


This morning I slept in and around lunch time I went to Coral Beach Nature Reserve and went snorkelling! There were beautiful reefs and so many different stunning fish! It was unreal. I sat there and had some lunch, and then went back to the hotel.


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