Yesterday, I had the day off and really wanted to go to Caesarea. After weighing the options, I decided to rent a car for the day. I was actually very excited about the car because I haven’t been able to drive since I’ve been here and I’m used to driving every day at home. The drive was remarkable easy. I found it similar to driving in the states, a bit different than Canada but completely manageable. I Got to Caesarea no problem and was immediately blown away by how blue the water was. Caesarea is on the Mediterranean coast and is absolutely stunning. I looked around at all the sites. There were men fishing in the sea which I thought was so cool!


IMG_3002I drove to see the aqueduct. It was on a local beach, so there were local families and a few tourists using each arch  for shade and to put there things while they played in the ocean.


I wen back to the national park for lunch on the coast which was so beautiful.

IMG_3064After my late lunch, I drove back to Nazareth to return the car. I also thought I was so funny having Caesar salad in Caesarea! This is the iced mint lemonade that I have fallen in love with! And this was my view!

This morning, I went to Musmar Pottery studio for a tour. I enjoy pottery so was really interested to learn about how they take different soils from the hill that the studio is built on to make the clay. I also learned what each piece was used for. I wanted to try to make something but the wheels are manual and can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. His exact words were “it will take off your leg!”

IMG_3078After seeing the machine, I realized that was very likely!


One thought on “Caesarea

  1. Hi Pam! Omg the pictures are fantastic and it’s great to read what you’re doing every day. I’m happy you are enjoying it all so much:)

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