An Update from Nazareth

Since my last post, I have been doing some things around Nazareth. I was able to hike the Nazareth to Cana portion of the Jesus trail again with a group who were all english speaking! It was much better than my first time hiking! There were two women from Connecticut, a girl about my age who is doing a semester in Jerusalem, and her parents who came to visit from Australia. Because we hiked on Yom Kippur, Zippori National park was closed. That made the hike much faster! The women from Connecticut really wanted to see the park so they found a break in the fence and before I knew it, we were all going into the park to see the ruins. Just as we got to the end of the road and the welcome centre, we saw a car and a guard so we turned around and went back out! This time after I left them in Cana I actually went into the wedding church. It was very pretty inside.

IMAG0326 IMAG0327

I got back to Nazareth exhausted, but that evening a group from the inn and I went to have dinner with a local family. Umrami, the woman who cooks breakfast most days at the inn actually lives on the floor right above me, so we went to her house for dinner. We had to walk around the ‘block’ because her front door is on the other side of the building. So even though she lives right next door to the inn, we walked through the streets of the old city to get there. The food was delicious! I tried a bit of everything even though I didn’t know what anything was. I was pleasantly surprised! We stayed for coffee/ tea and dessert then went back to the inn.


I also went out for hamburgers with my boss a few days ago after work. It was very nice (and familiar!) One neat thing, they asked if we wanted goose on our burgers. I figured I would try it, then my boss Suraida explained its cut similar to bacon but because most people in the city are muslim, they don’t serve pork.

I have been out to eat breakfast at cafe’s and have just been enjoying my time here. I’m trying very hard to appreciate each moment, because right now I’m just looking forward to going and exploring more of Israel! I have 11 more days in Nazareth volunteering at the inn before I start backpacking for real to see more of the country!

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