Jesus Trail: Nazareth to Cana

Today, I was able to hike the first stretch of the Jesus Trail with one of my coworkers, Yafit, and a group of tourists from Germany. We left a bit late at 9:15am from Nazareth headed for Cana with a stop at Ziporri National Park. The hike out of the city was all stairs, and all uphill for about a kilometer. Luckily, that was the worst of it!


Once we got to the top of the hill, we continued hiking through cities and fields until we made it to Zippori. We stopped for lunch and then explored the ruins and beautiful mosaics.


We left Ziporri and hiked through the forest toward the village of Mash’had. The village was small but the buildings were very built up. As soon as we got to the end of the village we could see Cana!


We walked through a field to the city and ended at Cana Guesthouse where the German tourists would continue their hike all the way to Capernaum over the next few days. In total we hiked about 15km. Yafit and I stopped quickly at the wedding church, which marks the place where Jesus performed his first miracle (turning water into wine) and then we took the bus back to Nazareth (Yafit speaks Hebrew, so she explained where we wanted to go!) Once we got back, I only had a short time before going into work.

It was a full, tiring day! Looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow!

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