Haifa, Acre, & Rosh Hanikra

Today I was able to join a tour to northern Israel. We left at 8:30am for Mount Precipice. I was so mad because I had gone to Mount Precipice the day before, not realizing I would see it on this tour, but we were able to go to a different (better) lookout, so that was very nice! I met some young people too, (finally!) Gillian from Australia, Richard from Florida, and Philip from New Zealand. There were also two girls from Germany who didn’t talk to us at all!

DCIM102GOPROThis is Gillian and I at the top of Mount Precipice. From there, we drove to Haifa, where we got to see the Baha’i Gardens, which were absolutely stunning. you aren’t allowed to walk through certain parts, so we would drive farther up the hill to go to different lookout points.



This was the first level at the very bottom of the garden. We went up to different levels to get different views. We were supposed to stay for a free tour, but the group decided we wanted to spend more time in Acre so we left Haifa early.

Acre was really interesting, its an old port city thats entirely walled in! We were able to walk through the market, and explore the streets. This was my first time seeing the Mediterranean Sea since I’ve been here. I also tried two kinds of baklava, one with pistachios, one with cashews, and a dessert called kanafeh which is like a sweet pastry with cheese. so weird, but so good! I was in heaven!


From there, we stopped at Rosh Hanikra on the side of a cliff, the water created underground grottos and caves that we were able to walk through. The sound was incredible and it took everything in me not to jump in the water! Gillian and I both actually hopped over the barrier to get a closer look at the water!


On our way out, we notices a little beach and were going to go jump in the water before the long ride home, but we were stopped saying that area was closed. That was probably for the best, because we found out later, that you weren’t allowed to swim there because it was so close to Lebanon. Then we noticed all the boats patrolling the water! We were actually right on the border with Lebanon, the same entrance to get to the caves leads to the Israeli military base in that area.

We drove back to Nazareth and four of us went to Villa Nazareth for dinner before heading in early. The same group is going on a tour of the Sea of Galilee tomorrow!


One thought on “Haifa, Acre, & Rosh Hanikra

  1. So beautiful! The garden and the sea look amazing! Girl, be careful! I don’t want to have to fly to Lebanon to get you out of jail πŸ˜‰ Keep having fun and posting! Thinking and praying for you πŸ™‚


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