Nazareth life

Over the weekend, I was able to visit the Holy Caves, and Basilica of the Annunciation, where the angel Gabriel came to Mary, telling her she would bear a son. I also went to the Greek orthodox church, and Mary’s well.


The entrance to the Holy Caves.

IMG_2534This is the Basilica of the Annunciation. This photo does not do it justice, the place is HUGE!

Sunday morning I attended Local Baptist Church Nazareth. Turns out, the service was in Arabic, but I was able to follow along in an english hymn book, and someone sat beside me through the service an translated to english, which I thought was so nice!

IMAG0118This morning (Monday) it was my intention to hike to the top of Mount Precipice, just outside of the city, but as I only speak english, I guess I was unclear and the taxi driver took me right to the top! That was fine, as it was farther from town than I thought, so I looked around at the view from the top and then he drove me back.


Since I had prepared to hike, I decided to explore the Jesus Trail a bit and hiked up to the top of the hill in the city, and then came back down. I have the day off so will spend it exploring some more!


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