Getting settled

It seems strange I have only been in Nazareth for a few days, I already feel like I have been here forever! The days are long and full! I have been working the evening shift at the inn so I have the mornings free to explore and see Nazareth. Thursday I went on a tour of the Old City and learned a bit about the neighbourhood.

IMG_2456The woman in the photo is my roommate Linda. She leads the Old City tour every morning. There was a point during the summer when tourism was low that the owners were considering shutting the inn down for the duration of the conflict. It was because Linda was willing to work extra shifts as a volunteer to save money that they were able to remain open. That makes me feel better about being here as a volunteer. I am filling a need that I didn’t necessarily know was there when I signed up. Many of the people in Nazareth rely on tourism for their families income, so while the tourism industry is bouncing back, volunteers are filling a gap to allow a bit of a cushion for those who lost significant income the past few months.

I have gotten the hang of things around the inn. It is a simple job, especially as it often isn’t that busy! I’ve bakes cakes, checked people in and out of their rooms, and other tasks as they come up. This morning I went to Nazareth Village. It is a small village designed to replicate Nazareth in the 1st century when Jesus would have been living here. It was really cool to see!

2014-09-19 12.22.522014-09-19 12.22.36I feel pretty well settled in. I was also able to find wifi at my apartment praise the Lord. There is still lots to explore and see in this city!


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