First days in Israel!

I have been in Israel for a few days now, and feel like I might be getting acclimated!


I got to Israel (in Tel Aviv) at approximately 4am, and still had an hour drive to Jerusalem. I checked in around 5:30am and since I had booked in the night before I was able to go right to bed. My mixed dorm, turned out to be full of guys, and then me. So I promptly asked to switch to an all female room! As this is my first hostel experience I think it’s best to ease into it. Saturday I slept through breakfast, but I went on a tour of the Mount of Olives in the afternoon. It was stunning. It reminded me why I wanted to come to Israel, because up until then, I was pretty tired, and already wondering what I had signed up for!

IMG_2359 IMG_2389


Today I actually woke up for breakfast! I also got an Israel SIM card so I now have a phone here. I took a nap around lunch time and then took the tram to Jaffa Gate at the Old City and went to find the Western Wall. It was beautiful.


I went back through the Old City and found a Hamsa medallion that I have been wanting since I started planning the trip. I also had my first bartering experience when I bought a Hamsa necklace. He went from 450 shekels to 160 shekels (about $125 to $45 Canadian) I probably got ripped off but it was a fun experience, and I do love the necklace!

I went back to the hostel and updated my journal (I’m determined to be extremely thorough throughout the trip!) And then skyped with my dad before packing up my stuff. Orientation for my volunteer project is tomorrow morning and I have another night in Jerusalem, but I am booked in a different room. Its’ weird, I have been here for four nights and will have been in three different rooms.


One thought on “First days in Israel!

  1. Schpamela,

    Glad you are enjoying your first few days! Love the pics already! Can’t wait to see the necklace you purchased. Thinking of you and praying many times a day. Love you and I am so excited to read more about your experiences!

    Steph xox

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