Yesterday, I drove three and a half hours (what should have been a two hour trip) to Buffalo NY airport to meet Simone! I lucked out when I parked, I walked in the door and straight ahead of me there was Simone! It was a very exciting reunion. We drove straight to Niagara Falls, and I found out it was Simone’s first time in Canada EVER! We stopped for lunch at IHOP (overpriced) and walked down Clifton Hill to the Falls.

No matter how many times I go, it is always breathtaking, despite the hoards of tourists. I felt like a tour guide explaining about the American vs. Canadian Falls. We got out tickets for what we thought was the Maid of the Mist, but it was actually called Hornblower Tours. The boat ride was so neat, being right in the falls, and waving at everyone on land.

Though I live so close to the Falls and have been many times, this was only my second time on the boat. We played around with my new Go Pro as well, hoping to work out everything before the BIG trip (13 days!) Afterwards we relaxed, did some souvenir shopping and then went back up Clifton Hill. We rode the Sky Wheel, and stopped for dip ‘n dots before we headed home.

Today, Simone spent most of the day planning the next leg of her trip, while I relaxed. I took her to Tim Horton’s for the first time SHE LOVED IT! And we drove by Woodstock’s famed cow statue.

Tomorrow we plan to spend the day in Toronto, sightseeing and being tourists, sleeping at Althea’s and then seeing the bluejays on Sunday.

Pamela Green

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