THE WAR IS OVER! (hopefully)

I booked my trip to Israel in February of this year. I booked my plane ticket on June 2nd. The Hostilities between Israel and Hamas (this time) started on June 12th. Ever since, I have been nervous about my upcoming trip. I would check the news constantly, and try to convince my family and friends that I would be perfectly safe, even when I had reservations myself. Needless to say, had the situation not resolved by my departure date, I would have reluctantly made other plans BUT THAT IS NOT THE CASE, BECAUSE THE WAR IS OVER! A ceasefire was announced today that most are optimistic will hold. With this news, I can finally, excitedly say, there are just over two weeks until my trip to Israel! This will be my first trip overseas and also, will be the longest I have been away from home. I will be volunteering at  hostel in Nazareth for 9 weeks from September 15th to November 17th, and then will be taking 4 weeks to backpack other parts of Israel as well as Egypt and Jordan. I will be returning home December 17th, in time to spend the holidays at home.

I am so excited to be going, and cannot wait to experience everything! However before all of this, my dear friend Simone (an Australian travelling throughout North America) is coming to visit in two days! I can’t wait to show her Niagara Falls, and Toronto! Ever since spending an extended time in America I have been extremely patriotic, happy, and proud to be Canadian!

For now I am packing, preparing, and anxiously awaiting all the wonderful things coming up in the next few months!

Pamela Green

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